Cushion Cut Diamond Rings


Caring for Your Cushion Cut Diamond Ring

Just the sight of a cushion cut diamond ring is enough to melt a woman's heart. Set in a precious gem halo, a cushion cut diamond is a timeless piece that comes in handy when you need to look confident and elegant. It is also the epitome of eternity bands that couples wear.

Whether worn as a symbol of engagement or as an adornment, a cushion cut diamond ring remains a valuable asset for you. At its core is the hard mineral that can withstand a lot of the effects of moving and removing. Still, you have to clean them and keep them shining bright as time goes by.

Few Ways to Care for your Cushion Cut Diamond Ring
Remove your ring before bathing, washing, and beautifying

It may sound obvious, but washing does not really last five minutes to bother taking your band off your finger. The best course of action is to always place the cushion cut diamond ring somewhere dry before taking a bath, soaping the hands, or applying make-up. This way, residue from these chemically-manufactured products will not rest in the little spaces where the stone is set, and that they will not affect the make of the gold, silver, or platinum halo over time.

Store it separately from other pieces of jewellery

Put the cushion cut diamond ring in a different container as it may scratch other accessories you have. You can also choose to place it in a personalised purse to avoid getting it in contact with other gemstones.

Watch out for the stone when doing chores or office tasks

Your cushion cut diamond ring may be damaged while you are doing ordinary tasks such as lifting heavy objects or spraying chemicals around the house. Though diamond endures a lot of harsh elements, it may still be let loose of its setting or get chipped by a hard blow. Remove the band before working for good measure.

Do not lose its brilliance

Your cushion cut diamond ring may lose its sparkle after the years. If you want to restore its gleam later in life, such as for passing it down as an heirloom piece, here are some options for you: soak it in vodka, rinse in tap water, and wipe it dry with a lint-free cloth; or bring it to an expert jeweller of diamonds.

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