5 Animal-Inspired THOMAS SABO Charms Below $100

THOMAS SABO Charms Collection is popular for its interesting and inventive designs. Here are five sophisticated and timeless animal-based designs which can be yours for only less than a $100.

Dog With Shoe THOMAS SABO Charm

Do you have a friend whose shoes are full of holes from his or her dog's biting? Or, maybe your dog loves to chew your beloved stilettos? This Dog with shoe charm will surely make you laugh so hard even during the middle of a busy meeting. Have it on your bracelet, and it will make your heart melt whenever you lay your eyes on it. This THOMAS SABO charm is made of 925 silver. It has a lobster clasp to easily secure it in place. It measures approximately 2 centimetres.

Little Paw THOMAS SABO Charm

If yours is not that naughty, then a simple paw charm will remind you of your fur baby anytime of the day. This glittering paw charm is made of the finest 925 silver set with high quality white zirconia for a bit of glitz and glamour. It bears the same lobster clasp, and it measures 1.3 centimetres. This little paw charm is a trinket that both you and your little fur ball will surely enjoy. Clasp it in your bracelet or use it as a keychain, and you will definitely make your pet grin with joy.

Kitten THOMAS SABO Charm

Not a doggie lover? No problem! THOMAS SABO has a kitten charm that looks amazingly cute. The kitten pendant even looks like it is stretching a bit. This sweet, sweet THOMAS SABO charm is made of excellent 925 sterling silver. Your cat will surely get attracted with this charm on your arm. It has a lobster clasp that can be fastened with ease. The charm measures 2.1 centimetres.

Fishbone THOMAS SABO Charm

Another cat-related charm is this fishbone pendant. Make your cat look hungry every time this hangs on your arm and dangles side by side. This fish bone charm is made of the most sophisticated 925 Sterling silver and dazzled with white zirconia. It also bears a lobster clasp to easily keep it in place. It measures approximately 1.9 centimetres. It is big enough to catch attention but small enough to look sexy on your bracelet.

Ethnic Bird THOMAS SABO Charm

If you are a believer of spirits and supernatural, this ethnic bird charm is definitely for you! It imbibes the Indian spirit as the charm bears a combination of a small bird, a feather, and tiny berry. The bird, and the feather is made from 925 Sterling silver while the red berry is a treated bamboo coral. Feel like a hunter or bring that Pocahontas vibe to your daily wardrobe with this unique and enchanting THOMAS SABO charm.