Casio G Shock Watches


Wear Durability and Design With Casio G Shock Watches

With the first Casio G Shock watch DW-5000C created in 1983, it’s safe to say that G Shock watches have taken the world by storm since its first release. The brand has been known for being virtually indestructible, no wonder it remains to be a favourite timepiece of people from all walks of life.

Get Style and Functionality in One with Casio G Shock Watches

Casio G Shock watches have been popular around the world for more than three decades for its irresistible style and functionality combined in one. It’s the preferred timepiece of members of the armed forces and sportsmen. Even celebrities wear them when walking the red carpet. So if you’re looking to rock a watch that’s versatile and sophisticated without depleting your savings, Casio G Shock watches will be perfect for you.

Top Reasons to Wear Casio G Shock Watches Day In and Day Out

Here are all the reasons it makes sense to own a watch from Casio G Shock in your lifetime.


If you’re looking for indestructible watches, Casio G Shock watches will not fail you. Most watches from the brand offers the “Triple-10 Guarantee”. This means that the watch is 100-metre water-resistant, has 10-year battery life, and is able to withstand a 10-metre drop. If you’re willing to add a couple of dollars, you can get an even advanced version which boasts 200-metre water resistance.


Athletes have made Casio G Shock watches their watch of choice because they can withstand dirt, sweat, and mud. If any of these get into the watch’s mechanism, then you’ll surely face several problems. This is something you don’t have to deal with if you’re wearing Casio G Shock watches. Each watch has a rubber body made to withstand all forms of shocks. Isn’t that amazing?

Wise Investment

Casio G Shock watches, no matter what collection they came from, have price tags that won’t hurt your bank account. Since you get so much with the little you spent, they’re no doubt the wisest investment you can make.

Buy Your Casio G Shock Watches Only From Ice Online Australia

Unlike other timepieces, G Shock watches are never the ones to bore you. They come in various designs and styles, there is one which can surely help you express your individuality. All G Shock watches are loud and proud so Ice Online Australia is also proud to have them available in our online shop. Browse our online catalogue today to find colourful collections of G Shock watches to match your personal style.

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