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Experience the Royal Madness with Cartier Watches

The history of Cartier began in 19th century when Louis Cartier saw a future in timepieces that could be worn on the wrist. Since then, Cartier has been the notorious French jeweller and watchmaker that became a byword for luxury. It gained its elite status started when the brand pioneered especially charming designs that speak of excellence.

Since Cartier first crafted wristwatches in 1888, it never fails to give the public various types and models of watches. The first wristwatch became the introduction to a long love affair with names like Tank, Santos, Calibre, Baignoire, and Ballon Bleu. Every model refer to a moment in history when Cartier permanently took root in the industry of watchmaking. Marrying innovative watchmaking with elegant surface finish, Cartier watches combine the power of inner beauty and smooth mechanism.

Cartier Watches: The Future of Wristwatch Fashion

Cartier watches are synonymous to timeless luxury, durability, and high accuracy. They are fashion staples your daily outfit should not miss. Trusted by celebrities and royalties worldwide, Cartier is a true pinnacle in watchmaking style. The brand stands for desirability and prestige. With its team of great minds, Cartier watches are a result of the expert blend of valour, passion, and sophistication.

In 2008, Cartier startled the watch world with the foreword of its first ever Swiss-made watch, the Ballon Bleu Flying Tourbillon. Unknown to many, Cartier crafted the first wristwatch the world has ever seen. It has revolutionised watchmaking in the early years of the last century with its top-class designs, precise mechanism, and unique rectangular dials. Cartier watches are the fusion of cutting-edge technology and bold character.

Today, Cartier watches are few of the top-selling timepieces made from Switzerland. Each piece from Cartier is inspired by an ambitious beginning that remains to be unparalleled. Perhaps the most surprising development of Cartier watches is its burgeoning high-mechanical durability and extravagance.

Embark in an Enduring Journey with Cartier Watches

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