Bulova Watches


Bulova Watches: A Revolutionary Brand

Like many famous watch companies, Bulova has its fair share of rich and ground-breaking history. Founded in 1875 by Bohemian immigrant Joseph Bulova, the J. Bulova Company quickly became a producer of highly-demanded watches. The growing demand led Bulova to build his own manufacturing plant in Bienne, Switzerland. The company then became the first in the world to standardise the mass production of fine watches.

Bulova Watches At The Important Events Of World History

In 1919, Joseph Bulova released the first complete range of men’s watches. The watches appealed to the American public because of the magnificent and iconic way that they were advertised. In 1926, Bulova made history in America by airing the first ever radio commercial. The commercial ran every hour every day in 163 radio stations in America, notifying people of the time. Bulova made radio history but also TV history. It aired the world’s first TV commercial, shown before a baseball game.

Bulova timekeeping instruments also became part of the world’s most important space missions conducted by NASA, including the first walk on the moon.

Bulova Watches: Precision At Its Finest

Bulova prides itself for being at the forefront of the most accurate watches. Since the beginning, the company has made sure that the watches they produce are not only studded with the finest jewelleries but also precise in keeping time. In 1920, they even put up an observatory atop a skyscraper to record measurements that will enable the most precise global timekeeping.

Bulova was also the first to produce the Accutron watch in 1960. Guaranteed to be the most accurate watch at the time, the Accutron used tuning fork to keep time.

Today, Bulova Watches has several series of watches in its line. The Diamond series contains chic and elegantly designed models for women who like some precious diamonds in their timepieces. For sports junkies, the rugged Sea King collection will not fail. For those who like to go into the water, the Marine Star is perfect for you. Equipped with brilliant technology and high quality materials, the Marine Star is water resistant up until 100 feet. The Classic series will bedazzle those who want simple yet timeless and elegant designs.

Bulova continues to make history in the present times. Today, their Precisionist watches can perhaps surpass Accutron for being the most accurate in global timekeeping—accurate up to seconds per year.

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