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Fashion Revolution with Breitling Watches

Breitling has been a forerunner in making high-end watches for pilots and aviation fans. It enjoys close connection with the world of air navigation. With features utilised by fighter pilots in different parts of the world, all time pieces are made predominantly for the use of aviation. The company invented the chronograph in its current form of two push-pieces, starting a wildfire in the field of watch making.

Today, Breitling continues to display its luxury and versatility by manufacturing marine and aeromarine watches that could make divers fall in love in this brand. With their team of watch developers and experts, the company also took the challenge of crafting excellent sports watches that are naturally hard-wearing. Breitling watches do not only imply a unique fashion sense, but also a bold statement on the wrist.

Breitling Watches: Not Your Typical Timepieces

You know its top-quality when it is made in Switzerland. Dominating the industry with enduring timepieces used on land, in the sea, and in the sky, Breitling watches are 100% Swiss-made and are all chronometer certified. They are renowned for their precision in timekeeping. Even more so, the brand never fails to revolutionise fashion with its sleek and powerful designs. Breitling watches are highly esteemed for its incomparable sophistication, superiority, and resilience.

Breitling watches are not all elegance. They also serve an array of practical functions that make it an ideal company during crucial moments. Emerging in the industry with its 1952 model of Navitimer, it has created a timepiece that could perform all the calculations a flight plan requires. Following this feat, contemporary models of Breitling watches also feature a large face with analogue dials that provide more information to the wearer.

Iconic Breitling Watches to Satisfy your Needs

Satisfy your taste with a premier luxury watch from Breitling. Ice Jewellery Australia is proud to offer a wide selection of Breitling watches for both men and ladies. Our collection delivers a wide variety of sizes to choose from, depending on your taste, preference, and needs. They are crafted in gold, steel, titanium, and integrated with brilliant diamonds, diamond dials, and black steel. Our Breitling watches also come in a variety of leather, crocodile, rubber, and stainless steel strap.

Ice Jewellery keeps one of the widest assortments of fine Breitling watches and accessories for your choosing. Whether you are finding one for yourself or for a loved one, we surely have the perfect Breitling timepiece to go beyond your standard.