Black Pearl Earrings


Black Pearl Earrings Buying Tips

Black pearl earrings create a modern look to the woman who wears them. Black pearls, also known as Tahitian pearls or Tahitian cultured black pearls, are not necessarily black. In fact, they are quite multi-coloured, often ranging from light to very dark grey. Others look brown, blue, lavender, pink, or green. They are referred to as black since what determine if pearls are black is the oyster source, not its colour.

Buying Black Pearl Earrings

Tahitian pearls are considered as one of the most sought-after and expensive gems worldwide. They are highly priced because of their special sheen and lustre. Therefore, black pearl earrings make a great gift for someone special or for you.

It is important to know some important things when buying black pearl earrings. First, Tahitian pearls have unique and special sheen. If it is high quality pearl, it should have a thick layer while maintaining a brilliant shine. As mentioned, these pearls can be found in variety of colours, with the peacock pearl as the most desired piece. It has grey-green body and overtones of pink, purple, or yellow when light shines on it.

Black pearls also come in different shapes and sizes, the most favourite of which are the round ones. But you can find earrings with semi-round or off-round black pearls.

Remember the following when buying black pearl earrings:

  • The size, shape, and quality of the Tahitian pearl determine its price. For the highest quality pearls, make sure to secure certificate of authenticity and origin.
  • The average size of these pearls is 9 mm to 12 mm.
  • Pearls are graded based on their lustre and as to the imperfections that mar their surface. Grade A is the highest, with imperfections of less than 10 percent of the surface.
  • Shapes of pearls include round, semi-round, semi-baroque, and baroque.

If you are looking for high quality pairs of black pearl earrings, Ice Jewellery Australia offers a wide selection for you to choose from. Pearl earrings are a special kind of jewellery since they make use of pearls instead of metals and gems. They are also a favourite among women since they can be worn in almost any occasion and are a perfect fit to almost any outfit.

Black pearl earrings are preferred by modern women of today, especially when they are wearing business suits. They can transform one's look instantly, adding sophistication to a simple wardrobe. Check out Ice Jewellery's rich collection of black pearl earrings.