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Black Diamond Rings: In Fashion and in Romance

Black may not be the first colour you would think of if you would talk about jewellery and diamonds. But if you look at the trends today, you'd realise that black diamonds are not only elegant for dresses and motifs, but for jewellery, too. A black diamond ring is definitely the pick of the bunch!

At Ice Jewellery Australia, we have included a vast array of black diamond jewellery in our catalogue to make a growing number of customers happy.

Black Diamonds around the World

Black diamonds in different perspectives:

  • In the western world. In most European countries, as well as in the Northern American region, black is the colour of elegance. Back in the 1920s, black diamonds have been a symbol of sophistication, a thing the separates the elegant from the beautiful. Today, in the modern-day fashion industry, it can be noticed that women has this soft spot for wearing or incorporating black in their outfits from black diamond necklaces to earrings to rings.
  • In the east. The Chinese and the Japanese believe that black is a perfect symbolism for water. And since water keeps human alive, it represents life. Now, this superstition has become a staple element of romance and elegance in Asian culture. Here, wearing black diamond rings is like asking the gods to turn a relationship as essential as water, as important as life.
  • In Islam perspective. For some Muslims, black signifies great devotion. That's why there are many entrepreneurs and designers that have started incorporating black diamonds to their religious items such as prayer beads.
Other meanings of black diamond

Black diamond says a lot about romance. It is known that a black diamond ring signifies bold and strong love. For the poetic, this can be symbol of blind, loyal affection. For the artistic, it is deviation from the norms, as other would typically give his wife red over black diamond earrings. For the fashion-conscious, it is the best way to go sophisticatedly safe, as black is a neutral colour, which means it could be elegantly worn by either men or women.

Black diamond is simply uniqueness

Because the black has not been a popular colour associated with fashion and love, buying your loved one jewellery would surely never fail to surprise. It is out of the ordinary and exceptional. Giving your wife a black diamond necklace or a pair of black diamond earrings would surely double up the surprise. Indeed, it is not your typical red ruby or blue topaz, it is black diamond.

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