Black Diamond Engagement Rings


Add a Twist to your Engagement with Black Diamond Engagement Rings

If you and your significant other is an unpredictable couple with unique tastes, you would want to have an exciting twist on your engagement rings. If this is the case, then consider the beauty of black diamond engagement rings.

Are Black Diamond Engagement Rings for Real?

There are two kinds of black diamonds: the natural one formed by Mother Nature called the carbonado, and the treated one. Like the case with almost all coloured diamonds, natural black diamonds are extremely rare and very expensive. These are real diamonds; however, they get their black colour from dark inclusions and impurities. Their opaque colour can be attributed to their polycrystalline nature, which prevents the black diamonds from reflecting light, unlike their white counterpart.

Due to the hefty price of natural black diamonds, you probably won't see them that often in the market. Most of all, the black diamond engagement rings you see in jewellery shops have been synthetically treated to improve on their black colour through irradiation or heat treatment. The price of these diamonds is considerably lower than that of white diamonds, as they are basically white diamonds that have been chemically treated to turn into a black colour.

With these facts in mind, buying black diamond engagement rings are unusual in and of itself. But if you want something special and unique to celebrate your impending marriage, getting a pair of black diamond engagement rings is the next best thing to happen.

Black Diamond Engagement Rings are Forever

It can be quite tricky to find the perfect black diamond engagement rings that both of you would agree to. As such, it is important that the groom-to-be will have in mind the preferences of his future bride in terms of the design, cut, and texture before he starts shopping around. It would be advisable to do the shopping online, to save time. Planning a wedding proposal can be quite a daunting task, so it's best to go with a reliable online jeweller such as Ice Jewellery Australia. You can then put your focus on getting the girl of your dreams to say yes.

Shop online at Ice Jewellery Australia for your black diamond engagement rings. Aside from the convenience and ease it offers, you also get the best value for your money. The black diamond ring will come in a chic, black box, ready to be delivered to the hands of your waiting fiancee.