Make a Bold Statement with ALEX AND ANI Bangles

ALEX AND ANI is a modern day brand that creates eco-conscious, meaningful, and empowering jewellery. With its creative and symbolic designs, collecting ALEX AND ANI bangles can be fun and severely addicting. It’s no wonder ALEX AND ANI bangles have built quite a following. Many have fallen in love with the variety of ALEX AND ANI bangles not just for its unique charms, but also for the positive energy each one of these accessories attracts.

ALEX AND ANI Bangles To Charm Lady Luck


The Seashell ALEX AND ANI Bangle symbolizes beauty, charm, and luck. Inspired by the strong and cleansing energy of the ocean, the seashell charm brings unwavering clarity to the wearer especially in times when a big decision or life choice is to be made. It absorbs and passes on positive energy to the wearer, helping nudge them to the most fulfilling path filled with happiness.

Radiate Positivity And Enlightenment With ALEX AND ANI Bangles


The Laughing Buddha ALEX AND ANI Bangle attracts energies of optimism, enlightenment, and joy which it passes on to the wearer. It inspires us to live like the Buddha did, filled with laughter, goodness, and with the warmth of undiscriminating love. Looking at the charm reminds the wearer to free her mind, to let the positive energy of happiness and contentment well in her heart, until it overflows to the people around her.

ALEX AND ANI Bangles That Lends An Extra Eye For Your Protection


We all could use an extra hand, or an eye, when it comes to our protection. The Eye of Horus ALEX AND ANI Bangle features the left eye of Horus, one of the ancient Egyptians’ most significant and powerful gods. Horus was worshipped as the god of the sky and kingship, and his left eye was an ancient symbol of protection and royal power. It absorbs energy from the moon, safeguarding the wearer with supernatural protection, remarkable intuition, and good health. Wear this bangle to repel negative energy, and for clarity of reasoning.

Inspire Creativity And Renewal With ALEX AND ANI Bangles


The Birch Charm ALEX AND ANI Bangle features the symbol of the birch tree, which symbolizes creativity, renewal, and of new beginnings. Wear this bangle to channel the birch tree’s bright energy that can only come from the hope of a new day. This can be the talisman for those wanting to wipe the slate clean in any situation, to those wanting to start over with a light and optimistic spirit.

ALEX AND ANI Bangles are designed to be timelessly classic and meaningful. Their understated elegance, combined with the sentimentality and meaning of their symbols, allows it to be worn with any outfit every day. Get your ALEX AND ANI Bangles only at Ice Online Australia or feel free to browse our catalogue for more top choices.


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