Buying the Right Bangles For You

Bangles can be defined as bracelets that are rigid and are meant to dangle or hang loose on one's wrists. They are usually made from metal, plastic, or wood. They are said to have originated from South Asia, where women from India, Bangladesh and Pakistan used them as bodily ornaments. Bangles have also been used in customs and traditions, such as for weddings, honeymoon, and even in Hindu rituals. Nowadays, they are used as fashion statement. Different sizes, different makes, different levels of simplicity or extravagance, and different types of bangles are used for different personalities and even different occasions.

Many Different Sizes Of Bangles

Bangles may be meant to hang loosely on one's wrist, but that doesn't mean any bangle would do. In buying the right bangle for you, you should pay importance to the right fit, to the right amount of looseness. To determine the right size of bangle for you, you should measure your wrist and hand. Make sure that the bangle is not too loose, yet still not too tight. You should be able to put it on and take it off nice and easy, and upon wearing, should of course not completely fall off your hand. Often, jewellery manufacturers provide bangle sizes, ranging from small to medium to large, and more importantly, you can also check their sizing dimensions and measurements to get the right fit for you.

Different Styles Of Bangles

From the historical and traditional kind, the use of bangles has clearly evolved to become ornamental and fashionable. One specific difference of the style of the bangle is the enclosure. More often than not, as with the traditional form of bangles, they are just enclosed circles. The more modern ones now are hinged with a clasp, and still others have openings for a more precise wrist fit.

Another differentiating factor of bangles is their width. Bangles can be very thin while others are wide. Some are flat, and then there are others that are round or twisted. Meanwhile, the thicker ones allow being engraved or carved with some intricate design.

For more elegance and sophistication, bangles can also be ornamented with precious gemstones and metals diamonds, pearls, and crystals.

Choosing the type of bangle usually depends on the wearer's personality and for which occasion it will be worn. For casual wear, it is usually the thin type of bangles worn together as a set. For a more elegant and sophisticated look, you can go for the single cuff that's embellished with precious stones or some intricate carving. With the wide range of bangles out there, you can choose from simple to bold, from classic to trendy, and from vintage to modern.

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