Aquamarine Rings


Be Elegant and Cool with Aquamarine Rings

Aquamarine is a beautiful gemstone that is gaining popularity as one of the best additions to any jewellery. Its cool, blue hue has captured the attention of many designers and jewellery-enthusiasts alike. What makes aquamarine a great gemstone is that it complements any eye colour and skin tone, making it perfect for any man who is looking for a special gift to give his special lady.

A great way to wear aquamarine is as a ring. Adorn your fingers with aquamarine rings and feel your mood lighten - whether from wearing a brilliant gemstone or from its innate pleasing quality, aquamarine rings will certainly uplift your spirits. Aquamarine, the birthstone of March, also inspires good feelings in its wearer. It could be attributed to its blue colour that arouses feelings of harmony, peace, and friendship. Whatever your reasons are for choosing aquamarine rings, it will certainly be a good choice. Its beauty will enhance the beauty of your special woman.

The Brilliant Ocean in Aquamarine Rings

If you love the water, then you will not find a better piece of jewellery to wear than aquamarine rings. The brilliant blue hue of aquamarine rings will certainly be a reminder of the ocean. If you find yourself yearning for the ocean, the mere presence of aquamarine rings can certainly calm you - at least for just a little bit.

That being said, aquamarine rings are as brilliant as the lustre of a diamond. It is also as durable. Perfect for any kind of occasion, aquamarine rings can certainly be the subtle pop of colour your outfit needs. It does not matter what kind of outfit style you prefer. Aquamarine rings will go well with feminine outfits, preppy attire, or even eclectic and exotic tastes. As gifts, aquamarine rings will definitely delight that special person in your life.

Aquamarine rings as great gifts

What makes aquamarine rings a great piece of jewellery is the fact that the creativity of designers becomes very apparent with every creation. Aquamarine allows more cuts to be made and so designers are continuously discovering new ways to craft them into jewellery. Here at Ice Jewellery Australia, we carry a variety of aquamarine rings that will surely delight you or that special woman in your life.

Aquamarine rings at Ice Jewellery Australia can be purchased in varying cuts and carats. Precious metals sterling silver, pink gold, and more are also paired with the brilliant aquamarine making it a very tasteful choice as an everyday piece of jewellery. If you're buying it to mark a major milestone, then you can opt for black rhodium- or diamond- studded. Whichever you choose, aquamarine rings will certainly show the depth of your love for her.

Beauteous Aquamarine Rings for All Occasions

Beautiful and ever so elegant, the cool and calming aquamarine is the birthstone of those who are born in March. Aquamarine rings are great additions to any woman's wardrobe, whether they are of classic, modern, or vintage styles. They can be fashioned into different cuts and they can match any skin or eye colour and occasion.

Aquamarine Rings are Fascinatingly Beautiful

Aquamarine is the birthstone for March. It reminds one of a pool of sparkling water that symbolises youth, health, and hope. Blue is often associated with masculinity, but the shades of aquamarine also appeal to men and women alike who are passionate about life. The colour tones of aquamarine, ranging from blue, slightly to very strongly greenish blue, and green blue, are subtle and with a soft shine. The more intense the blue colour is, the more valuable the gemstone is. When it is in its pure, clear blue shade, you get to see its magnificence and pure transparency.

Women all over the world adore the fine blue shades of aquamarine rings since they can fit almost any eye or skin colour. They are perfect accessories for any occasion, whether used as rings, necklace pendants, and other jewellery forms. They are great for gifts, especially for couples who want to create harmony in their relationship.

When used in a ring, aquamarine symbolises happy married life. It promises wealth and great joy to a woman to wears it. The light blue shade also creates trust and harmony. And since blue is often associated with water, aquamarine rings symbolise life. No wonder aquamarine as a gemstone is also considered as a lucky charm of sailors.

Aquamarine's Good Qualities

The gem is durable and with incomparable brilliance and lustre. These gemstones can be cut into almost any shape, though the more popular cuts include emerald, round, and oval. They are highly preferred by designers, carvers, and artisans because of their transparency and hardness. The hardness makes aquamarine very tough and scratch-free.

When seen from different angles, aquamarine shows different shades of blue, from nearly colourless to very strong blue. It is considered as one of the precious four gems in the world, along with diamond, sapphire, and ruby. It is very refined and flawless, whatever its cut or shade.

Aquamarine Rings for all Occasions

Find the most flawless cuts and the most pleasing aquamarine rings at Ice Jewellery Australia. Aquamarine can be fashioned into different cuts, the reason why it's a favourite among jewellers.

Check out our fine collection of aquamarine rings, from classic to modern looks. Since we are a reputable online jewellery store in Australia, we make sure that even with long exposure to light, your aquamarine jewellery won't fade. Purchase your set of aquamarine rings and other jewellery pieces only at Ice Jewellery today.