Amethyst Necklaces


What to Wear with Your Amethyst Necklace

Possessing an elegant touch means having the sense to mix and match items from the jewellery box. Start by choosing a central piece, such as an amethyst necklace. With a centrepiece like this, the trick is to dig into the chest for complementary accessories. The task will be easier if you have a complete set of amethyst adornments including a pair of earrings, rings, and bracelets.

Bear in mind, though, that the allure of the purple gemstone cannot be overdone. If you are donning a chain with a single pendant, then you can go for a statement amethyst ring. The subtle elegance of a pair of amethyst earrings can also go hand in hand with the amethyst necklace.

Pairing Non-Accessories to the Amethyst Necklace
The Dress

Purple, the colour of amethyst, symbolises passion. When matched with a body-hugging dress from the same scheme, it is better to go for two shades bolder or lighter. This is to allow each element of the ensemble to shine in itself, and to enhance the other parts. Let the amethyst necklace fall in harmony with the neckline and the fit of your cloth on your shoulder blades.

The Shoes

Beige, black, and white may be called safe choices, but they also have the widest range of sophisticated styles. Besides, they can go well with an amethyst necklace and a purple dress. A day in the office will require footwear that is easy to romp around in. Thus, it is wise to go easy on the pointy heels. Two inches will do. When it comes to evening events, a little elevation adds swagger to your walk and straightens your stance. Don't go overboard though at the expense of your feet's comfort.

The Bag

A neutral-toned satchel at daytime and purse at night-time will be perfect for your amethyst necklace, purple dress, and neutral-toned shoes. All the better if the tone is not too far from that of your heels.

Picking the Perfect Amethyst Necklace for You

Ice Jewellery's array of amethyst pendants with silver chains are so sleek and sassy you can do the reverse: think of a dress, a pair of shoes, a bag that you want to complement; and then browse through our collection for the amethyst necklace that you feel suited for the job.

Ice Jewellery Australia also has amethyst earrings, bracelets, and rings if you wish to complete your ensemble. Browse through our collection of beauties today!