Amethyst Earrings


Amethyst Earrings Symbolise Love and Passion

Amethyst earrings are very eye-catching. It is its unique colour that makes it attractive to the eye. It is said that princes of the old ages covet amethyst because of its striking and extravagant violet colour. This colour is attributed to the presence of iron in the gemstone.

Throughout the ages, amethyst has been highly regarded because of its legendary powers and stunning beauty. It is the stone of St. Valentine, thus it signifies faithful love. It inspires the mental faculties and is commonly associated with piety, trust, and friendship. It brings fire and passion and awakens ones creativity and spirituality. It was a gem of fire during the ancient ages.

Wearing amethyst earrings can make you feel calm. The gem is said to be meditative and calming. It is also best used during times of legal problems and money issues since it is believed to be prosperity stone. As such, it brings the wearer prosperity and abundance. Having amethyst will bring good fortune.

Giving the Gift of Amethyst Earrings

Amethyst earrings are a wonderful gift to a special someone and even to yourself. A woman hardly leaves her house without her earrings. Her wardrobe would be incomplete if not matched with her favourite pair of earrings. A simple dress can be transformed into an elegant and sophisticated one when matched with a perfect pair of earrings. Whatever style of clothing a woman wears, amethyst jewellery will look good on it.

Since amethyst is very striking, wearing a pair of amethyst earrings would surely make a woman more dazzling. It would make her feel more confident of herself since amethyst has energising properties. You can find earrings in various shades of purple, from pale soft lavender to dark deep violet. There are various cuts and shapes of the gemstone to choose from.

Where to Find Amethyst Earrings

The birthstone of those born in February, amethyst gemstone makes a personal and thoughtful gift to your special someone. The gemstone is attention grabbing and can work well with any fashion statement, whether vintage or modern.

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