3 Reasons to Buy Thomas Sabo Jewellery

Different people purchase jewelleries for varied reasons. You may be buying a watch to match your business suit while your officemate maybe buying a stunning silver ring to propose to his girlfriend.

Whatever your reasons may be, you look for a brand that can provide the most exquisite quality without costing too much. Here is a brand that offers both: Thomas Sabo.

Thomas Sabo is named after its founder. It is a brand established in 1984 and is known today as a top provider of innovative silver jewellery. It caters to both men and women. Whether you are buying for yourself or for your significant other, you are sure to find the perfect gift with Thomas Sabo.

Apart from its inventive designs, Thomas Sabo is also well-known for its high quality, timelessness, and variety. Now, these are more reasons on why you should choose Thomas Sabo.

Thomas Sabo From The Highest Quality Materials

Thomas Sabo’s first collection is Sterling Silver. Since the brand’s birth in 1984, it only uses the finest, luxurious, and precious metals. It scrutinises its jewellers with the highest standards. It keeps a strict protocol in handling every piece of metal to ensure its untarnished and exceptional quality. The workmanship of every employee is unrivalled. Thomas Sabo has a partnership with around 2,600 jewellers and retailers worldwide, and all of them abide with rigorous guidelines.

TS for Timeless Sophistication

Another thing to love about Thomas Sabo is the jewelleries’ versatility. Each piece are expressive, iconic, and timeless. Silver jewelleries in 1984 can still keep up with the 21st century fashion.

In relation to this, Thomas Sabo is perfect for both men and women. The brand has specific designs for both sexes making it easier for you to choose among collections. Because each piece is made of high quality materials, all look sophisticated in any circumstance. A pair of silver earrings looks chic and polished for both day and night events.

Thomas Sabo in Varied Collections

Thomas Sabo has four (4) collections: Sterling Silver, Charm Club, Perfume & Beauty, and Fine Jewellery.

Each of these collections has different lines catering to both men and women. The Sterling Silver collection are all made of top-notch 925 sterling silver crafted using the world’s most sophisticated technology. Charm Club is a collection of enchanting charms for bracelets and necklaces. Perfume & Beauty is a collection of playful fragrances unique to Thomas Sabo. Fine Jewellery collection is made up of different materials such as gold, rose gold, sterling silver, diamonds, and other precious stones.

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