1 Carat Diamond Ring


Things You Need To Know When Buying 1 Carat Diamond Ring

Telling the jeweller that you need a 1 carat diamond ring is easy but choosing which the best ring is for your lady is where complications come in. A diamond ring is one of the most expensive types of rings. Hence, you must choose the ideal one to make your purchase more meaningful and worth it.

Understanding the basics about carats and diamonds will assist you in choosing the perfect rock that not only fits the taste of the woman you love but also fits your budget. The four C's of 1 carat diamond ring are what make them different from each other. The cut of the diamond is one of the primary considerations. It affects the price of the rock by about 25 to 50%. Colour and clarity compose around 10-15%, while carat weight influences the price by approximately 10-20%.

Step-by-Step Guide to Choosing 1 Carat Diamond Ring
The Shape

Diamonds come in different cuts. Round and princess cuts are two of the most popular cuts for engagement rings. Cushion cut is also a favourite for wedding rings. Other cuts available include emerald, pear-shaped, and heart-shaped. The first step to finding the right ring is choosing a shape and sticking to it.

The Carat

The word '˜carat' comes from the word 'carob', the measurement unit used by diamond traders. It differs from the word '˜karat' as the latter is used to refer to the purity of gold. A carat is exactly 0.2 grams, and weighs as heavy as a paper clip. When buying a diamond ring, remember that the price of the ring increases as the size of the carat increases. For this reason, 1 carat diamond ring is a favourite. It is large enough to fit into one's budget. Some people prefer not to buy the full size and purchases only 0.5 carats. This size appears as big as 1 carat but costs less.

Within the Budget

Just like buying gold or any other jewellery, purchase a ring that suits your budget. Ask the jeweller to lay in front of you the ring with the shape and carat of your choice. Examine them individually and see if there is anything that catches your eye.

Another tip you can consider when buying diamond rings is to consider the size of your sweetheart's finger. The smaller the finger size, the larger the regular-sized diamond will appear. Hence, a 1 carat diamond ring will look bigger on a size 4 than on a size 8.

Diamonds are a girl's best friend. Buying a diamond ring is easy. Visit Ice Jewellery Australia for a vast selection of 1 carat diamond ring today!