1 Carat Diamond Earrings


The Quaint Charm of a Pair of 1 Carat Diamond Earrings

A diamond is a girl's best friend. This might sound like a cliche, but it still rings true today. Of all the gemstones in the world, a diamond will always have a place in a woman's heart. Not only is this gemstone a showstopper, it is also a great investment piece as well. You've heard of the saying Diamonds are forever, of course. It's because of the hardness and tenacity of this gemstone that will make it last a lifetime, something that can be passed down from one generation to another.

Treat Yourself with a Pair of 1 Carat Diamond Earrings

Gentlemen, heed this advice: if your stomach is the quickest way to your heart, then diamond jewellery is definitely the way to ours. As for the women, if you think owning an 18 carat ring is way out of your budget, fret not. You can still wear diamonds without overspending your budget. You can buy a pair of 1 carat diamond earrings just to satisfy your desire to wear diamonds and still feel like a million dollars.

Or perhaps your fiance bought you a diamond engagement ring. Emphasise this token of forever by accentuating it with a pair of 1 carat diamond earrings. You can choose from a simple, minimalist but classic diamond stud earrings, or the more stylish diamond hoop earrings and diamond drop earrings. Whatever your style preference is, having that pair of 1 carat diamond earrings will certainly put an oomph and added flair into an otherwise simple and ordinary outfit.

Where to Shop for 1 Carat Diamond Earrings

Once you have decided to purchase one for yourself or for a loved one, you need to establish your budget, and know how much you are willing to shell out. Once you have set a price, it's time to find out the best deal out there. There's plenty of diamond jewellery available online. You just have to make sure that you buy from an online store that's reputable and reliable.

Ice Jewellery Australia is that and so much more. You can browse through our online catalogue of 1 carat diamond earrings to find that perfect pair of earrings to make you stand out from the rest.

From simple and understated, to dramatic and opulent designs, there is sure to be at least 1 carat diamond earrings from our online store's collection of expertly crafted diamond jewellery that will tickle your fancy. Check out Ice Jewellery today for the latest accessories!